What’s Michigan like, anyway?

We live in the great state of Michigan. But we know that our visitors from other parts of the world might not know a lot about where we live. So here’s a little bit about our corner of the world.

Michigan is a state in the northern part of the United States. We are surrounded by three of the great lakes, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and Lake Huron. We are just south of Canada.

michigan in us

We live in the western side of the state.

grnd rapids

Here is a haiku deck about Michigan created by Claire and Alana, two of my students.

Here is a video my students created about the special way Michiganders show people where we live.

2014-03-21 12.29.59 from Jane E Essenburg on Vimeo.
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One thought on “What’s Michigan like, anyway?

  1. I really like the sound of Michigan! Do you mind if I come and stay for a bit?! Could you tell us a bit about the weather and what there is to do there? That would be great.

    Thurlton Primary School, Uk, Y5

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