How to write a quality comment

When you make a comment on the blog, it needs to be a QUALITY comment. What does that mean? It means that when commenting on the blog you take the time to do your very best. If someone is going to take the time to write a blog post, we need to be sure that our comments are our very best work.

Here are some tips to make sure your comment is a quality comment:

When you are commenting, you need to fill in some information first.
* Your name (NO LAST names please!)
* You do NOT need a website (just leave it blank.)
* The SPECIAL CODE to prove you are not a Spam Bot!

1. Write your comment like a LETTER. It needs a GREETING, relevant CONTENT, and a CLOSING.

2. Always use your BEST spelling, punctuation (periods and capitals), and grammar.

3. Write a relevant comment. That means, it has something to do with the post!
Some ideas are:
* Compliment the blog writer about their work.
* Ask a question.
* Add new information or ideas.

4. NEVER add any personal information! No last names or addresses!

5. Re-read your whole comment to yourself to check for mistakes.

6. Copy your comment by highlighting it and choosing edit-copy or shift-c just in case the computer gobbles it up!

7. NOW you are ready to SUBMIT your comment. It probably won’t show up until the Administrator says it is okay.

Check back to see your comment on the blog. Someone may have responded to it and you can reply back to him or her. Maybe you can get a conversation started!





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