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We learned a technology tool this week called Thinglink. It is a tool that lets you choose an image and then add details about the image by tagging the image with icons. Just roll your mouse over the image and see what comes up! We chose things we cared deeply about and made thinglinks about those items. It was a lot of fun!

Kali loves learning about the Titanic. This is her thinglink

Claire loves to play softball. Here is her thinglink.

Owen loves to play soccer and he has a favorite team–Manchester United. He is also very excited about the World Cup. Here is his thinglink.

Trystan also loves to play soccer. Here is his thinglink:

Morgan loves cats! Here is her thinglink:

Seth loves cars. Here is his thinglink:

Alana loves dogs. Here is her thinglink:

Abby is also a cat lover. Here is her thinglink:
It was a great new tool and we learned how to use it quickly. Good job third graders!

If you would make a Thinglink, what would you make one about?

4 thoughts on “Thinglinks

  1. What a great idea and use of Thinklink. I seem to remember looking at it a very long time ago and thinking, um its okay, but I loved seeing your presentations about it. It was fantastic to see the details and the information. I really enjoyed the Soccer presentations because the world cup is coming up soon but I also enjoyed the Titanic one as well. I will show my class tomorrow great to see some wonderful work from using the program.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand.

  2. Dear Mr. Webb,

    Thank you! We had a lot of fun making them. It’s always exciting to take a new tool and use it to explore something you are passionate about. I wish we would have had more time to polish them a bit but today is our last day of school! I am encouraging my students to visit Room One’s blog and comment over our summer break.

    Mrs. Essenburg

  3. Dear New Third Graders,

    I am so happy to see my new third graders stopping by to visit. It was wonderful to meet with you yesterday. I am very excited for third grade and also for enjoying the summer months ahead. I can’t wait to get started on my summer reading!

    Remember to give me your first name too, when you stop by, so I know who I am talking to!

    Mrs. Essenburg

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