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One of the classes that we’ve met since we’ve starting this blogging experience have been Mr. Webb’s students from New Zealand. It is so exciting to learn about a beautiful place in the world that we knew so little about and how the customs and traditions there are different than ours. Last week two students from our friends in New Zealand, Brylee and Heavenlee, asked if we could help them out with a project. They needed the dimensions of our classroom. What fun to do a math project about classrooms around the world. Of course we would help out! It is also a great way for us to practice our measurement skills.

First of all, here are some pictures of our classroom, Brylee and Heavenlee, so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Here is the view when you walk in the door.


We have 20 desks in our room. This is the arrangement right now, but we change it up. The length length of our desks is 59 cm. and the width is 46 cm.

This is a view from the back of our room.


We measured the length and width or our entire room.


It has a length of 8 meters, 64 cm. It has a width of 7 meters, 65 cm.

We measured our white board.


It has a length of 4 meters and 82 cm. It has a width of 1 meter and 12 cm.

We measure our windows. We have two large windows in our room. You can see them in the first picture posted as well. The windows have a length of 206 cm. and a width of 187 cm.


We do not have desk top computers in our room but we do have a cart of chromebooks that we use often. Here is our chromebook cart. It sits in the back of the room. It has a height of 92 cm., a length of 117 cm., and a width of 61 cm.


We have just one door to get into our room. You can see it in the second picture posted. It has a width of 85 cm. and a length of 198 cm.

Those are some of the dimensions of our room! Let us know if you need any more information. We had a great time measuring and figuring out the area and perimeter of our classroom as well. We look forward to seeing your project when it is finished.

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