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We are very excited to welcome Mr. Webb’s Room One from Taranaki, New Zealand to our classroom blog on Monday, and equally excited to visit their classroom blog to learn about them and their country. That is the beauty of blogging, making connections all across the world. Please visit Mr. Webb’s classroom blog here.

We will be spending some time learning a little bit about New Zealand on Monday before we visit Room One’s blog, but I thought I would get us started with a few basics on some differences between New Zealand and the United States–and the state of Michigan in particular.

New Zealand is a country that is located in the southern and eastern hemispheres. It is an island nation, and is located approximately 900 miles east of Australia.

new zealand

Michigan is located in the northern United States. It is surrounded on three sides by very large lakes, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and Lake Huron.

michigan map

In New Zealand, their summer has ended, and Autumn has begun. That is because they are in the Southern Hemisphere, and because of that, the seasons are reversed from what we have in the United States.

summer ending

In Michigan, we are FINALLY coming to the end of a long and snowy winter, and are ready for Spring. The snow is beginning to melt, and we are starting to see grass again. We’ve missed you, grass.

Quote of the Week1    photo 2

This is a picture of part of our playground.

New Zealand is a strikingly beautiful country, with breathtaking mountain ranges, gorgeous ocean views, and incredibly lovely green fields and valleys. There were so many beautiful pictures of New Zealand it was very difficult to choose just one to share.

new zealand mountains

Michigan has its own unique beauty, with low rolling hills and lakes dotted everywhere you go. We are particularly fond of Lake Michigan, and we like to spend our free time during the summer spending time along its shores.

lake michigan

Those are just a few of the differences between us here in Michigan and our friends in New Zealand. I’m sure there are many more, especially about the types of food we eat and games we play and how we spend our day in school. However, there are even more similarities, because we all love our friends and family, are excited about learning new things, and have hopes and dreams and goals we are aiming for.

Welcome Mr. Webb’s class! We look forward to meeting you!

And of course, welcome any other class who stops by. We love making new friends from around the world.


9 thoughts on “Learning about New Zealand

  1. Hi there! My name is Sylvie, and I’m from Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada! I think that our province looks a lot like New Zealand, especially the mountains. I love your blog!

    • Blake Auroa Taranaki New Zealand
      Hi im a student in Mr weebs class i like your blog it looks fantastic yave a good year.

  2. Thanks so much for the awesome wonderful post. We talked about it in our class in New Zealand this morning. We talked about your state, which we didn’t know a whole lot about, and we talked about what we knew about where you lived. We loved that you had the comparison between the two countries and had some photographs, some of which looked like they were from New Zealand. Wonderful collaboration and we look forward to being in touch.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Auroa, Taranaki, New Zealand

  3. Wow awesome facts about New Zealand. I’m from New Zealand Taranaki in mr webbs class room1

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